Emma Butler

"Guru is about living and breathing design; you can see the real-life application for everything you're learning, you're constantly engaged, and by the end you can't wait to go out and unleash havoc in the design world." - Emma

One of the most memorable things about Emma in my classroom was her typographic doodling. I often tell people to think about the things they do no matter what else is going on. If you love something enough that you just do it regardless of the circumstances (aside from obvious bodily functions), you should think about doing that thing as your job. Emma was always doodling some kind of hand-drawn letterform like she was channeling Paula Scher. Emma joined Guru in September 2010 in the Digital Media Production program. She was one of those driven types who pursued her craft with discipline and gumption but did so with a joy that made it seem effortless.

Emma finished her Digital Media Production diploma in March 2010 and started doing a number of small gigs. One was a poster collection that took familiar movies and created simple graphics out of their artifacts. This series managed to capture attention in several regions including South America! As a New Zealander who has emigrated to Canada, Emma is familiar with cross-cultural connections. Soon after graduation, her skills and talents were evident to the folks over at Odvod Media and has been doing a variety of digital media work ranging from print to video production. In fact, she tweeted a recent excursion to record the Edmonton's Top 40 Under 40 hosted by Odvod's Avenue Magazine.

Emma is one of those types of people who manages to run with ideas, stay focused and keep producing. Her doodling will keep her mind active and exploring which in turn will lead to ideas like her time-lapse poster video and her movie parts poster series.

Detail from "Back to the Future" Movie Parts Poster.